At Ludit we have spent a lot of years experimenting with clay.

How we will make the pieces light yet durable, how we will avoid any toxic materials, had been issues which were to be solved.

Learning from nature, we have created our own clay formula, with cement and paper pulp and we use paints and pigments that are meant to be used by children.

All pieces are unique, not identical and entail dissimilarities when compared. That is handmade.

• Handle gently.
• Νοn toxic.
• Partially Waterproof.
• Not meant to be soaked.
• Pieces are made of cement, paper pulp and clay.
• They are very light due to a unique formula.
• Treat them as ceramics. Avoid hard surfaces.
• Collateral material steel / silver.

• Αvoid humidity.
• Store in room temperature that is storage in a dry, clean, well ventilated area at room temperatures between 1 5 ° t o 2 5 ° C ( 5 9 ° – 7 7 ° F ) or Up to 3 0 ° C ( 8 6 ° F ) , depending on climatic conditions.
• Pieces need air in order to “Breathe”.
• Avoid plastic boxes, keep them in paper boxes.

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    “Ludit” is feelings, passion and judgment combined in one.

    Phone: +30 6977906154
    Email: info@luditsculpture.com

    Address: Ragavi 11B
    Patra, Greece P.S. 26443

    Feelings for sculpture, passion for jewelry and judgment as ability to make good decisions for every day life. Nature and sunlight are our unlimited sources of inspiration.